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[ CLASSIC ]  Bowstring Series: The traditional feeling. 

A DacroGen  bowstring, specifically made with  polyester material, offers a reliable and versatile option for archery. 
Constructed with high-quality polyester fibers, DacroGen  string provides good durability and strength.   DACROGEN bowstrings are suitables for  traditional, recreational, and beginner archery shooting. Additionally, the Dacron string is easy to maintain and offers a smooth and comfortable shooting experience.

Served with twsited EVO15.
Also available with finger-protectors preinstalled.  Perfect for schools and recreational activities, as it eliminates the need for finger tabs to protect your fingers while shooting.

Price: 4,78 €

 Step 1: Select bow type:

 Step 2: Select number of colors:

 Step 3: Select Bow size:

 Step 4: Select Bowstring size (cm.):
* RC is standard lengths for recurve bows
* LB is standard lengths for longbow bows

 Step 5: Select number of strands:

 Step 6: Select if you want Finger Protector preinstalled:


  Step 7:

Please be warned that the color selector is just a mere orientation, non contractual, of the color scheme. Colors/tones may vary.

You have selected:
Type: Recurve DACROGEN
Bow size:
Bowstring size:
Without Finger Protector preinstalled

 Final step: How many do you want?: