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Every Flex Traditional Flemish string is made by hand by our experts in bowstring manufacturing. 
We have flemish strings for all needs taking a wide variety of materials. From  DacroGen for the softest shoot, kind with all type of bows, passing from DynaGen  Dyneema D75 for solid rock string  and the all new Carrera Hybrid .
FLEX Flemish Carrera Hybrid is the ultimate material for traditional shoot. Speed, less shock, not stretch.
CUSTOMIZE POSIBILITIES:  unique colors combinations with more than 35 unique variegated colors. Flex not only make the a high quality flemish strings,  also made the colors that you will love.

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* RC is standard lengths for recurve bows
* LB is standard lengths for longbow bows

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Please be warned that the color selector is just a mere orientation, non contractual, of the color scheme. Colors/tones may vary.

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