All new for 2015, our universal active damper is  improved in materials and design. 
Montera 2.0 is made with space age material, soft and dense,  weigthed with a ball of ss for increase the damper effect.
Weight 6 grams / 92 grains.
Self adhesive  for easy install.
Where install ? we suggest in the back face of the limbs where the limbs comes rigid.
Comes by pairs in clamshell packaging.

Your price: 7,50 €

 (Actual product colours may vary from colours shown on your monitor)

Montera 2.0 light blue
Montera 2.0 brown
Montera 2.0 red
Montera 2.0 purple
Montera 2.0 white
Montera 2.0 fuchsia
Montera 2.0 yellow
Montera 2.0 fluor orange