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[ GRAVITY ]  Bowstring Series: All-Terrain String for Everyone

Source Sans ProOur manufacturing process begins with the meticulous treatment of the Dyneema® fibers, setting the foundation for exceptional bowstring performance. We take pride in being the sole pioneers in the world to undertake this unique approach.

You can use GRAVITY DYNAGEN® bowstrings in any condition, with any modern recurve bow, longbow or competition bow, whether you're a beginner or a competitive archer, and regardless of whether you're practicing traditional or target archery.
 GRAVITY DYNAGEN® bowstrings ? have very low stretch and creep, providing good speed and exceptional durability.

Made with Dyneema® SK75  fibers, renowned for their strength and durability, our bowstrings are built to withstand the rigors of intense archery sessions. With the ability to adjust the length by adding or removing bowstring turns, you can achieve a personalized fit that perfectly suits your shooting style.

We use our exclusive EVO15 serving material with the one colour version and EVO30 with the 2 colours version.


Black GRAVITY DYNAGEN® bowstrings are made with Black Dyneema. Dyneema fibers are typically white in color. To achieve the black color, a coating is applied to the fiber, which can wear off with friction and use. However, Black Dyneema has the black color integrated into the fiber manufacturing process, resulting in a black-colored fiber. Black Dyneema will not lose its color through use and will maintain a good appearance for a much longer period of time.

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