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The TWIST KEEPER is more than a gadget. It´s a  helpful tool that keep the string twist in place when you unstrung your bow.   
  The FLEX TWIST KEEPERS  are use for control by colour codes the competition bowstring  vs the training bowstrings , and  also you can control how many shoots your bowstring have. 
  For example you have with yellow TWIST KEEPERS your competition bowstrings and green TWIST KEEPERS your training bowstrings or you can keep your new bowstrings with red TWIST KEEPERS and your bowstrings with more than 2000 shoots with orange TWIST KEEPERS or you can put more than one TWIST KEEPERS for more bowstrings controls. 
  Play with the TWIST KEEPERS in this ways and discover how the TWIST KEEPERS can help to you.

Bags of 6 twist keepers ,  mixed colors ( random )

Your price: 3,33 €

 (Actual product colours may vary from colours shown on your monitor)

Twist Keeper Pack 6 Black
Twist Keeper Pack 6 Light Green
Twist Keeper Pack 6 F.Yellow
Twist Keeper Pack 6 Sky Blue
Twist Keeper Pack 6 Orange
Twist Keeper Pack 6 Brown
Twist Keeper Pack 6 Purple
Twist Keeper Pack 6 Mix
Twist Keeper Pack 6 Fucsia