[ Carrera99®V.75 ]  Solid Hybrid Fiber, low color coating and low waxed

SOLID. this is the word that best describes our new fiber. To develop this new product we have applied our knowledge of raw fibres and their transformation process and finally, we can offer archers a string that does not change its dimensional characteristics when used in competition or hunting  bows.

- Low color coating and very low waxed = more fibers per strand.
- Made with a blend of fibers: Dyneema® for strength and Vectran® helps with temperature control.
- Fibers are stretched separately  before  blend  them together in a single thread in a unique process in the bowstring industry.
- Now available in spools of 250 meters for your DIY bowstring and cables projects.
- You can use Carrera99®V.75 with compound bows and crossbows.  
- Also for  recurves, traditional and longbows with limbs with modern materials. Please ask  bow manufacturer for compatibility. 
Recommended strand count for compound bows : bowstrings 22 strands, cables 24 strands.
Recommended strand count for recurves, longbows : 12 to 16 strands 


Carrera99®V.75 undergoes meticulous processing, treated at  controlled temperature and tension before twisting, color coating, and wax application. This enhances its stability, resistance, and durability?, conditions the fiber for making superior bowstrings. T his process is unique in the archery industry.

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 (Actual product colours may vary from colours shown on your monitor)

CARRERA99®V.75 250 MTS Ice White
CARRERA99®V.75 250 MTS Black Space