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Fast Flight

Fast Flight by Flex Archery® 500 meters

FAST FLIGHT BY FLEX ARCHERY® is the best  Fast Flight-type bowstrings, renowned for their reliability, good speed, and setting the standard in string thread count. We now present the same high-grade force fiber material used in our strings for your DIY fast flight bowstring projects.
Made with Dyneema® SK75 fibers with single-strand construction, fibers are stretched and heat treated before twist and color aplication in a unique process in the bowstring industry.
- Water based coating colors.
- Lightly waxed.
- Features a moderate to low wax content for durability.
- Available in 500-meter spools.
 A single 500-meter spool can create up to 16 bowstrings for a 68-inch bow, each with 16 strands.


Experience minimal, if any, stretching, ensuring that your ?FAST FLIGHT BY FLEX ARCHERY® bowstrings remain dimensionally stable. Our fiber undergoes meticulous processing, treated at  controlled temperature and tension before twisting, color coating, and wax application. This enhances its stability, resistance, and durability?, conditions the fiber for making superior bowstrings. T his process is unique in the archery industry.

Tech Tip

FAST FLIGHT BY FLEX ARCHERY® is recommended for use on bowstrings of recurve, traditional, or longbows, and is suitable for all types of bowstrings, including endless and Flemish. 
The white color is the fastest among the options, due to the natural color of the fiber, which is white and does not require additional coatings for coloring.
Pay by meters, not by weight. The cost of the wax is much lower than that of the fiber.

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 (Actual product colours may vary from colours shown on your monitor)

FAST FLIGHT by Flex Archery ® 500 MTS Black
FAST FLIGHT by Flex Archery ® 500 MTS Royal Blue
FAST FLIGHT by Flex Archery ® 500 MTS White
FAST FLIGHT by Flex Archery ® 500 MTS Red