1-Bowstring type
2-Bow type
3-Bowstring model
4-Holded weight of the bow at your draw length.

This selector offers our suggestion drawn from our ‚Äčexperience, tests and input from archers worldwide. It's important to note that this doesn't necessarily mean it's the absolute best choice. Other elements like brace height, limb design (especially for recurve limbs), arrow length, and arrow weight can also influence factors such as arrow speed, bowstring vibrations, and sound.



1. Bowstring Type

CLASSIC - Loops not overserved. Designed for school and traditional bows. Endless continuous construction.
SUPRA  [CUSTOM] - Made with our finest materials  in two or three color patterns. Highly adjustable. Endless construction.
FLEMISH - Handmade design for traditional and longbows.
GRAVITY - Endless continuous construction. For all types of recurve, traditional, and longbows.
PRO - Made with our finest materials in one color pattern. Endless continuous construction.

2. Bow Type

UUKHA -  Smaller loops than regular recurve  competition
KOREAN-MONGOL  -  Larger loops than usual.
LONGBOWS - Smaller loops.

3. Bowstring Model

DACROGEN -  Polyester
 - Dyneema SK75 - Monoply
FAST FLIGHT BY FLEX ARCHERY® -  Dyneema SK75 - Smaller diameter than DYNAGEN - Monoply
ONE 320 - Dyneema SK75 - Multiply.
CARRERA99® R - Hybrid Dyneema SK99 - Multiply

4. Hold Weight of the bows at your draw length

Here you can choose the weight of the bow range at your draw length.

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