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F PIN-NOCKS  are designed for use on most of the pins available today and have two different grooves size : F1 a lit smaller than .88 and F2, a lit smaller than .98.
F PIN-NOCKS  shape is aerodynamically designed and offer the minimum surface to deflect arrows on tight groups.
F PIN-NOCKS are manufactured 100% in Europe with a high quality polycarbonate.

F1 - for 2,2 mm string center diameter
F2 - for 2,5 mm string center  diameter

Bag with 12 nocks same color and size.

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Nocks Pack 12 #2 Black
Nocks Pack 12 #2 F.Orange
Nocks Pack 12 #2 Blue
Nocks Pack 12 #2 F.Red
Nocks Pack 12 #2 F.Green
Nocks Pack 12 #2 White