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 SOLOFLEX UPDATED PRODUCTION: BEAR - 1,78%    BOWTECH - 11,61%    ELITE - 1,92%    HOYT - 32,18%    MATHEWS - 7,46%    MISSION - 2,11%    PRIME - 3,50%    PSE - 16,27%    OTHERS - 23,17%


Braided thread with 100% Dyneema® SK75 fibers. Suitable for use as serving on compound string and cables and high end recurve strings. 100% Dyneema® SK75 fibers
-lighted bonded for improve abrasion resistance -Highly durable.
-Excellent grip.
-Black color is made out of Black Dyneema®. Always will be black, not turns gray.
-Thin diameter: 0.014"
-Aprox. 100m meters
-Supplied on hard spools for best serving experience.
-Made in Spain , under ISO 9001 and meets EU standards

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