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Carrera99®V.75  SOLID  Low color coating & low wax

Developed for archers who want a solid string and cable option, we have added to our Carrera99® line the all new V.75 version. Less color coat, less wax, just enough to keep the threads protected. This means that there are more fibers in the string and cables, making them more solid and stable.

- Made with a blend of fibers: Dyneema® for strength and Vectran® helps with temperature control.
- At the same time, fibers are stretched separately  before  blend  them together in a single thread in a unique process in the bowstring industry.
- You can choose the serving color, turbo button color and fiber color.
- Cable guards servings are also included.
- Serving colors are solid and have a minimal translucent effect.
-100% made in the European Union.

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Please be warned that the color selector is just a mere orientation, non contractual, of the color scheme. The colors of the serving once applied can change considerably, depending on the color of the strands. Also monitor color can change colors.

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