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 SOLOFLEX UPDATED PRODUCTION: BEAR - 1,56%    BOWTECH - 11,53%    ELITE - 1,88%    HOYT - 31,94%    MATHEWS - 7,08%    MISSION - 2,20%    PRIME - 3,34%    PSE - 16,22%    OTHERS - 24,25%
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FLEX  PRO Series are the next step in bowstring performance. No over servings, tight measurements, served under high tension for consistent, uniform response in your recurve bow.

For use on all competition type of recurve bows with reinforced limb tips.
Serving material : propietary EVO 15
Loops : Not over served.
Length can be adjusted  adding or removing string turns. 
Packed in tube. 1 string per tube plus a s String Keeper free included.

*At foot you can find a help guide for select your string.

Price: It will be displayed when material or options are selected

 Step 1: Select bow type:

Recurve     Longbow
 Step 2: Select number of colors:

 Step 3: Select material:

 Step 4: Select Bow size:

 Step 5: Select Bowstring size (cm.):
* RC is standard lengths for recurve bows
* LB is standard lengths for longbow bows

 Step 6: Select number of strands:

 Step 7: Select nock type:

  Step 8:

Please be warned that the color selector is just a mere orientation, non contractual, of the color scheme. Colors/tones may vary.

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Guide for order:
-Select Filament material :  Select the material you choice, 8125G, 8190,  ANGEL MAJESTY PRO, BCY-X, FF+
Select 8125G, 8190 or Angel Majesty-Pro for speed
Select FF* for a compromise of speed-stability
Select BCY-X for stability performance.
-Select bow size : It´s determinate by the riser and limbs sizes. If you are not sure, send us an email for help.
-Select bows string size: for same bow size, it´s more than possible different configurations by brands and riser-limb sets.  
The rule is :
-Standard sizes ( *only as reference): 64"-154cm , 66"-159cm, 68"-164 cm , 70"-169cm, 72"-174cm
-Hoyt Formula ( *only as reference) bows need 2 cm more than standard sizes.
If you have an old strings you can measure from end to end  at the internal side of the loops. This can help as start point.
We measure our strings under 50 kilos tension with two 6 mm post  on the loops.
-Select number of strands Regular basis: less strands = more speed, but more vibrations and elongation problems with high poundages.  For low poundage ( less than 34) select the lowest number of strands. For High poundage ( more than 40 pounds )  select the highest number of strands.  Always real poundage.
-Select nock size  you intended to use on the string.
-Select the colors you like .