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 SOLOFLEX UPDATED PRODUCTION: BEAR - 3,78%    BOWTECH - 10,10%    ELITE - 1,99%    GEN-X - 0,10%    HOYT - 29,35%    MATHEWS - 9,07%    MISSION - 1,59%    PRIME - 3,17%    PSE - 17,64%    OTHERS - 23,21%
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 SoloFlex Full-Custom  compound string and cables is based in the original SoloFlex Custom strings and cables, going to the next level, not only adding options, but also offering the most modern materials with a variety of original colors, which made each string a unique piece.

Dyneema(R) brand is property of DSM - Vectran (R) brand is property of Hoechst Celanese

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