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EVO 40

Ultra High Modulus Weight Polyethylene Ethylene  Serving (UHMWPE) EVO40 it´s our latest addition to our serving products line.  Made with UHWMPE material is twisted and bonded with a special resin and make the thread round as much as possible. Perfect where very small servings is required, like cable guard rollers, reinforcement for stoppers...

  • 2 ply UHWMPE material, twisted and bonded.
  • .008 diameter.
  • Perfect for loops, cable guard and roller on compound bows. White color turns transparent and looks really nice.
  • For compound bowstrings and cables ends.
  • Spool with aprox. 170 meters.
  • 2 colors at your choice. Available in REAL BLACK color ( made out of Black Dyneema™) and white
  • Compatible spools with all hand operate serving-jigs. Random color spool.

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EVO40 Real Black